Just A Hell of A Lot Of Experience.
Some of the Highlights So Far.
A Selection Of Varied Projects.
Sony PicturesBanners


Interactive rich media

Sony Pictures
Versace Versus Banners


Versus Versace campaign

Versace Versus
Ford Kuga Banners


Interactive rich media

Ford Kuga
Microsoft uk youtube site


Featuring Facebook connect

Windows 8
chris quinn design


What's this?

Pretty Vacant
M & S Banner


Prototypes for the Xmas Campaign

Marks & Spencers
Orange Banner


Interactive rich media

Adidas Viral Campaign


Impossible is nothing

Toyota Facebook app

Facebook App

Featuring Google maps and gaming

Nokia Touch-screen


Displays for Nokia Retail

pastilles facebook apps

Facebook Apps

Games and videos

Fruit Pastilles
Ford Air Touch-screen

Touchscreen App

Standalone App for the Detroit Motor show

The Chemical Brothers microsite

Microsite & Banners

Featuring all videos and tracks released

Chemical Brothers
tassimo microsite

Promotional microsite

Featuring puzzles and games

LMU youtube microsite

Design & microsite

Featuring video testimonials from alumni

Developing Creativity.
It Is What You Do And It Is the Way that You do it.

As a front end developer I appreciate a good design. From contracting at some of the world's top agencies I've certainly had much to appreciate.

Being tasked in bringing these creations to life is what makes the job so exciting and rewarding.

I have ample experience covering sectors such as advertising, software, healthcare, music, gaming, telecommunications, the motor industry, electronics and retail.

Creative Development.
Less Moving Parts Are Sometimes The Better.

Any grease monkey worth his or her spanner will tell you that. And that's the way I like to code; keep it as simple as possible.

A problem for a Developer is a problem to be solved. Most times we don't loose sleep over problems - sleep is fuel - but it is one of the things that gets us up in the morning.

I have been involved in a variety of flash applications from banners to OOP MVC applications such as touch screens and XML-socket driven software; from static to multi-lingual database driven sites. From Facebook apps to YouTube driven content.

And with html development becoming more exciting and being accessible to platforms such as the iPad and iPhone, I have embraced technologies such as Sass, Less and Compass. These coupled with responsive design frameworks such as Foundation makes for an enriched html development environment.

In the Shed.
Tools & Skills For My Trade.
Adobe Flash/Flex

Actionscript 3/2 Powerflasher FDT Adobe Flash Builder Adobe Air Advanced Design Patterns OOP Robotlegs PureMVC Greensock

Touchscreens RIA Websites/Microsites Rich-media Banners IOS Air Apps Facebook Connect Google Maps Rss Intergration Multimedia XML XML Sockets JSON


Html5 Css3 Javascript JQuery Zurb Framework Less Compass Sass Responsive Google Analytics SVG Ajax Canvas Git Svn Php Adobe Edge Animate


Photoshop Illustrator Fireworks

And What Else?.
Paddle Faster! I Play Banjo!
Well it does keep me off the streets.